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Animated video for Throw a Starfish

Throw a Starfish are a charity based in Keswick, UK, working all over the world. They approached me to make an animation which explained both the story behind their name as well as the work the charity does and it’s ethos. It was vital to create the right tone and feel to the video so that viewers would get an understanding of the emotive reasons behind their work, whilst still putting a positive message across by focusing on the successful outcomes that are possible.

Music and voiceover were key to achieving this balance and I worked with Wendy Liscia at Words of Wisdom for the voiceover. She created a warm and friendly vocal sound which makes viewers want to keep watching. I used both Adobe After Effects and Adobe Character Animator to create the animation and it was the first time I’d used both pieces of software in tandem, so it was a great learning opportunity fir me. Throw a Starfish are pleased with the outcome and will be using the video on their website and social media channels to help spread the word about their work.