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Animated explainer videos for Lakeland CBD

Lakeland CBD are a company based in the Lake District, UK. They produce hemp based food supplements and products and are passionate about improving health and well-being as well as building a community and sharing information about cannabidiol (CBD).

They needed help with two explainer videos for their website and social media pages which would help explain some of the science behind cannabidiol.

Lakeland CBD  – What is Cannabidiol?

I used a simple infographic style for the animations which helped to keep things fun and engaging whilst explaining the ‘science bit’.

I used their branding as a basis for the colour scheme and overall style of the videos to make sure they fitted in well on their website and reflected a consistent message for their audience.

They had a friend in mind for the voiceover for both videos, so I was able to edit their audio recordings to fit in with the animations.

Lakeland CBD  – The Endocannabinoid System

The team were really chuffed with the end result and found that the videos were particularly useful for sharing on their facebook page to help their customers answer vital questions about using CBD.

It was lovely to work with a local small business who are so passionate about their products and their customers – all in all a great project!